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Promote ColoFlax products on your business website or social media page and earn rewards for all referral sales.

Strong Conversion Rate

Our website is optimized for conversions, ensuring that affiliates see more returns on the qualified traffic they send to our site.

πŸ”₯ 90-Day Cookie Duration

Earn commissions on sales made within 90 days of a user visiting the site from your referral link.

Affiliate Program Rules

We hold all of our affiliates to high standards to maintain the
integrity and reputation of the ColoFlax brand.

Please review our guidelines and terms before applying to

become an affiliate.

Join the ColoFlax Affiliate Program

The ColoFlax affiliate program is managed through ShareASale, a renowned affiliate marketing network. Affiliates can enjoy custom commissions, exclusive codes, and detailed tracking and reporting. To join, apply through ShareASale and, upon approval, you’ll be part of our growing team of affiliates.

  • Receive Up To 20% Commission
  • Strong Conversion Rate
  • 90-Day Cookie Duration


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